Our Partners

Courses and camps are resourced through a mix of charitable donations and referrer contributions.  We have a great team of willing  and skilled volunteers and our hope is to expand the programme to other areas as soon as possible.


Partnerships and Supporters


MAN&BOY have located their Relationship Building Courses at Whitespider Indoor climbing centre since they opened in 2012.  MAN&BOY are grateful for the excellent relationship that has been built over the years and the great support Whitespider provide.
The Trust has followed the project since its inception in 2009 and has committed to support it’s development for 3 years (since January 2012). Charity no. 1110821.
  Kingston Family Learning supported MAN&BOY to develop the very first camp and Relationship Building Course.  
We are pleased to be newly supported by the Sutton Community Fund, funded by Sutton Council and administered by Sutton Centre for the Voluntary Sector, who are contributing to places for Sutton residents for the year 2016-17.
 MAN&BOY are grateful for the support of Big Yellow Storage for providing storage  for our camp equipment.


MAN&BOY’s first year report (01/02/2012 to 31/01/2013) is now available to read. Please follow this link.  Annual-Report-Year-1-web-version.pdf

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18 May
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We want to

  • Raise self-esteem in boys
  • Support and encourage men as role models
  • Empower boys to reach their full potential in school, work, and family, and to contribute positively in their local communities.


We value

  • Family and the role of the father
  • Acting honestly and with integrity
  • Taking personal responsibility
  • Believing in people
  • Enabling others to achieve their full potential
The chance to encourage him and praise him in new ventures and help inspire him for any new activities for the future
A dad