Ongoing Support

The Man & Boy programme wants to establish strong and positive relationships between boys and a significant adult male in their lives. The Adventure Camp weekends and 6-week relationship building activity courses are a great way to do this however, the Man & Boy team realise that participants may want some ongoing support to help maintain their relationships.


Mini-Events and Super- Saturdays!

From time to time MAN&BOY invite all past participants to meet up for the day to renew friendships and have some fun. This could be a trip to the local outdoor activity centre or games in the local park.


Dads, Lads & Lasses

Join past participants and other families at the annual Dads, lads & lasses camp. Held over a weekend in June, dads can bring ALL their children for a camping weekend packed with fun.


Listening Ear

Some of the men attending the Man & Boy programme may appreciate some ongoing support. For this reason we offer to meet up and act as a listening ear.

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31 July
Summer Camp 2018
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17 July
9 September - 14 October 2018
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9 - 11 November 2018

We want to

  • Raise self-esteem in boys
  • Support and encourage men as role models
  • Empower boys to reach their full potential in school, work, and family, and to contribute positively in their local communities.


We value

  • Family and the role of the father
  • Acting honestly and with integrity
  • Taking personal responsibility
  • Believing in people
  • Enabling others to achieve their full potential
We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves on the winter man & boy camp. It made us realise how life is so busy and that we do not spend enough quality time together enjoying one another’s company as father and son. It has also made us aware we should make more effort at home to take time out to discuss things together. I would strongly recommend the camp to anyone lucky enough to have the opportunity to take part in future man & boy activity weekends away. I hope these comments will help keep man & boy such a successful and fun organisation
A dad