The trustees

Justin Cooper

Justin is a local businessman, having established and run an international IT consultancy in the UK and the USA.  “As a father of two children, I cannot think of anything more important than seeing my children achieve their potential; Man and Boy helps provide some of the tools to help this to happen.”

Robert Westlake

Robert is a Chartered Occupational and a Chartered Counselling Psychologist.  In 2004, he sold his company which provided individual and corporate psychological services in order to dedicate more time to his personal interests. These include travel, sport, culture and philanthropy. Robert also serves as a Magistrate in Central London.  He co-founded the Personal Development Trust UK (PDT) a charity supporting causes both in the UK and Internationally.  PDT’s mission is to help  develop potential in young people.  It identified Man and Boy as a highly professional and dedicated group where financial support went directly to where it was intended rather than into overheads and administration.  The changes produced by Man and Boy in those who have had the benefit of their programmes have been remarkable.

John Buckeridge

John is the Deputy CEO of a multimedia broadcaster/publisher. The founding editor of Youthwork magazine, he is married to Alice, a primary school teacher, and has two sons. John has facilitated a parenting course with his wife, written and spoken extensively on youth work, and is passionate about the importance of supporting and encouraging parents. ‘I believe the aims of ‘Man and Boy’ are vital and that the programmes they offer are well suited to the needs of today,’ says John.

Deborah Quy

Debbie is a systemic psychotherapist and currently works with families in the London area. She is married with 3 grown-up children. ‘I have worked alongside families for many years and know what a difference a supportive adult male figure can have on a child’s self-esteem ‘.

Simon Stockton

Simon is a ‘graduate’ of the Man and Boy camps. Having brought his 12 year old stepson to a winter camp in 2014 and completed the 6 week relationship building course the same year, Simon decided to get more involved and now volunteers on Man and Boy camps and courses. In his professional life Simon runs a small company supporting health and social care providers to improve their services to people with care and support needs.

Neil Perot

Neil is Head of Legal Services at McMillan Williams Solicitors Ltd, the largest provider of consumer law services in the South East of England. He specialised in Family & Child law and is a member of the Law Society's Children Panel, having the privilege of representing children in the family courts. Neil appreciates the importance of positive family and community role models and in particular the crucial role that positive male role models can play in ensuring children and teenagers reach their potential.

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We want to

  • Raise self-esteem in boys
  • Support and encourage men as role models
  • Empower boys to reach their full potential in school, work, and family, and to contribute positively in their local communities.


We value

  • Family and the role of the father
  • Acting honestly and with integrity
  • Taking personal responsibility
  • Believing in people
  • Enabling others to achieve their full potential
It is my pleasure to be able to provide you with a testimonial/reference regarding this service which we have enjoyed in kingston for some years now. Trevor is very well regarded by the kingston schools who have used the programme and it has been reported that there have been some noticeable improvements in pupils’ engagement in their education. Funding has been through comic relief, personal development trust and kingston family learning and therefore, depending on the circumstances of each referral, a full or partial bursary has been available. We have encouraged schools to use the pp grant where appropriate in order to ensure access is as inclusive as possible. I would be happy to provide any further information you may need.  I would recommend man and boy to you unreservedly.
Carol Buchanan, Senior School Improvement Partner (SEN and Inclusion) Education Kingston